GL-ARC1 Welder sound module with
synchronous flickering ultra bright LED
What is a GL Arc Welder module?
The GL Arc Welder provides arc welding sounds and a synchronous
bright flashing LED.
The GL ARC Welder module is a 1.5" X 2.4" X .75" circuit board that
consists of a voltage regulator, a sound chip, with build in amplifier, a
volume control, and terminal strips.
These modules can be played one time, or continuous looping until
turned off.

What can this GL Sound Module do for me?
The purpose of the GL ARC Welder module is to bring your ARC Welding
scenario to life with sound and synchronous flashing simulating the real

Where can I use these sound modules?
GL ARC Welder module can be used anywhere around the layout, under
the layout, or in buildings.
The LED and speaker can be placed anywhere you desire.

How many LED's can you operate in parallel?
You can power up to 4 LED's at once.
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GL-ARC1 ARC Welder With Ultra Bright LED
ARC Welder & 1  5mm White & 5mm Blue LED  

Additional Ultra Bright LED'S
LED 5mm White

LED 5mm Blue

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Listen to Arc welder sound
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