ITT Products was founded in 1990 out of a desire to create an exciting rewarding business. Sometimes I feel it is a hobby because I enjoy working with model railroaders and other hobbyists.

11 years ago I retired from the aerospace industry where I worked on products that helped protect our country for over 43 years. Now I spend more time creating exciting products for you.

Before my career in aerospace, I am proud to have served in the US Army as a Senior Radio Repairman in Vietnam.

Vietnam 1967

My vast experience in the field of electronics has provided me the knowledge to create sound modules and other electronics dedicated to enhancing your hobby.

Our GL series sound effects modules are programmed from our vast library of sound scenarios created over many years. In addition, our Lightning and Thunder along with our Mine Explosion scenario will open up a new realm of realism for your layout.

Please check out the rest of our easy to navigate website. You can see our products and listen to sounds. You can also order online using a secure server.

Thank you for considering our products.

George Solovay
Owner, ITT Products

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