GL Sound Modules $39.95 ea. Does not include speaker, switches, or power source.
Each GL sound module requires its own speaker.
Do not use more then 1 speaker per module.
Do not put any voltage into the speaker, or switch terminals.
Requires some soldering
What is a GL sound module version 2018?
A GL sound module is a 1.50 X 2.40 X 0.75 circuit board that consists of a voltage regulator, a preprogrammed sound module, a volume control, and a 6 pin terminal strip.

It requires any size 8 ohm speaker & an external 9 to 14 volts DC power source rated for at least 1 amp. You can run 3 GL sound modules with it. These modules have a maximum play time of 2 minutes depending on the scenario programmed into them, and can be played one time, or continuous looping until turned off.

What can this GL Sound Module do for me?
The purpose of the GL sound module is to bring your layout to life with sound. Imagine walking up to an old time Honky Tonk bar and hearing the excitement inside.

Where can I use these sound modules?
GL sound modules can be used around the layout, under the layout, or in buildings. On board trains is very limited. For out door use you will need to weather proof modules from elements & even take them in for extreme weather.

Animals & Nature Sound Modules

$39.95 ea

Animals / Nature Sounds

Special Nature Series

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