Lightning & Thunder, Mine scenario, Haunted House

$89.95 ea

What is an LTM450 sound / LED flashing system?

The LTM450LT system will provide thunder sounds along with visual flashing lightning simulation.

The LTM450ME system will provide “Fire in the hole” warning, and flashing LED lamp simulations during mine explosions.

The LTM450HH system is a haunted house scenario and will provide thunder sounds along with visual flashing lightning simulation throughout.

When power is turned on for the Mine scenario, or Haunted House scenario, it will play
1 time and then stop. The big LED lamp will flash as required during each scenario.

For the Mine or Haunted House to replay, press the Reset Button only after the cycle
has completed. If you push the reset button during play, it will throw the flashing and
sound out of sync.

The Lightning and Thunder scenario, will automatically repeat after 2 minutes.  
For this configuration you should not use the reset button.
Just power it on and off as required.

 LTM450 System includes:

Sound module circuit board, lamp control circuit board, and 12 volt 4 watt LED Lamp.

Not included is:
Power source, (12 volts DC rated for at least 1 amp), one 8 Ohm speaker, misc. switches, and hookup wire. (Requires some soldering)

The LED Lamp is meant to be placed in a strategic area of your
layout to create an indirect lighting effect without the ability to look
directly into the lamp. It should be used as the background effect.

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